ABOUT  Memwars™ ... the Team

Dr. Will - Memwars Founder, Evangelist, Product/Game Design


President and Treasurer of MemWars, LLC, Dr Bralick received a B.S., University of Wisconsin - Madison, 1980; an M.S., Air Force Institute of Technology, 1989; and a Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, 1992 all in Computer Science.


Dr. Bralick has taught Software Engineering, Computer Science, and Cyber Security at various institutions and served from 1973 - 1977 as an enlisted Russian Linguist in the US Air Force and from 1980 - 1996 as a Computer, Communications Systems Staff Officer at various duty locations finally retiring at the rank of Major (O-4) in 1996.


Upon retirement, Dr. Bralick worked on the Joint Strike Fighter program at TI (later Raytheon), managed an IT consulting practice in Dallas for Collective Technologies, Inc., served as Chief Software Architect for Club Corp, and Vice President of STX Cadware, Inc., before beginning Paladin Logic, Limited - a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business - in 2007.

Dr. Aaron Ralby - Creator of the Macunx, Adviser & Collaborator


A linguist and expert in memory training, Dr Ralby first became interested in memory as a skill during his PhD in medieval studies at Cornell. When he learned about the feats of memory performed by scholars in the Middle Ages, his first reaction was that he would personally never be able to perform such feats. When he found descriptions of their techniques, however, he began putting them into practice with immediate results.


He has subsequently spent the last several years figuring out how to apply the techniques to different subjects and different types of material, including entire languages. In order to do this, he developed a methodology for mapping out the complete grammatical system of a language, which can then be learned quickly and effectively through a spatial memory palace.

Anne C. Palmer - Collaborator, Test Manager

Vice President & Secretary of MemWars, LLC, Annie has a BA in Psychology.  Memory has always been a subject of interest for Annie, especially as relates to its capacity and flexibility. Now, memory has become more of a fascination and subject for personal research as her grandmother suffers from severe Alzheimer's.

Annie joined Paladin Logic in 2017, taking on new challenges while scrambling down the various paths that Dr. Will fearlessly trail-blazes.

Along with her husband, Annie takes great pride in recently welcoming her second daughter into the world. In her spare time, she volunteers in the Dallas Arts District and with Dallas CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates). Her other pursuits include international volunteer work and travel.

J. Leigh Bralick, Product Design, Collaborator


J. Leigh writes primarily fantasy and YA fantasy novels.  She has made one foray into science fiction, and enjoyed it so much she may eventually publish that experiment, if she survives the effort.  Her favorite thing about writing fantasy is the excitement of exploring new worlds and experiencing exciting adventures — all on a very low-cost budget! 


She is one half of the SisterMuses dynamic duo.


All you really need is coffee.  Low cost + coffee = success for a perpetual student like J. Leigh, who may have heard of the concept of a full-time job but likes to avoid that topic as much as possible.


When she isn’t writing, J. Leigh enjoys fencing, listening to music of a variety of genres, costuming, and inventing languages for her worlds.  That last bit is a secret, so don’t tell.  She may even put up some information about her different languages at some time, if she can be persuaded to.

Dr. Shannon K. Valenzuela - Editor, Collaborator

S.K. doesn’t believe in straight paths to anywhere.  Her many meanderings through life have taken her through a Ph.D. in English Literature (specializing in the Medieval period) culminating in her 2006 dissertation "Mnemosyne's Son: Chaucer, Translation, and the Creation of English Textual Memory."

Author and editor, she is the other half of the SisterMuses dynamic duo.


She has been a businesswoman…several times…an associate editor for a magazine, and a teacher.  And she is now the mother of four rambunctious boys and two darling girls…an adventure all in itself!

But always, through it all, she has been a writer.  And now, at long last, she is devoting herself to pursuing this childhood dream…even though she is one of that rare breed of writer: the spare moment author.

Noelle J. Duker - Marketing Director, Product Design, Collaborator

Noelle joined the Paladin Logic team as Marketing Director in 2016.  She was instrumental in the development of the marketing campaign and brand development for Iconic Brewery Management System - one of Paladin Logic's core technology products.

Until recently, Noelle was a lynchpin member of the MemWars game development team.  She was responsible for branding, social media, website development and collaborated on the design of the game itself.

Noelle's passion is in the realm of fashion marketing/merchandising with a focus on sustainable and ethical production.  She now pursues her passion in Los Angeles.

Amos Hunt - Game Concept Originator, Product Design, Collaborator


While Director of Quality Assurance at Paladin Logic, Amos originated the idea for the MemWars game based on his recollection of playing Mark Twain's Memory Game with his father.  Presenting the idea at one of Paladin's weekly standup meetings, he set the wheels of MemWars in motion - MacGyvered the first prototype, initial set of gameplay rules and memory deck.


In his other life, Amos is the Editor-in-Chief of the Grub Street Grackle - a post-post-ironic literary magazine. Fiction, poetry, satire, commentary. Heavy themes with a light touch.