Gods & Heroes

Volume One


Pit your knowledge and memory of the pantheons of the ancient Western world against your peers.  Suitable for serious competition, the standard commercial MemWars board will provide countless hours of enjoyment.

Three follow-on volumes (MemDecks) will complete the Western pantheons all play well on this board.

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Each additional volume contains 100 cards of fascinating information mapped to the MemWars board.  Master the information; confound the competition; amaze your friends.


New subjects are being added all the time, so check back often.

Knowledge Extension

19 ea





Wood Board

Collectors Edition

Hand crafted from 4 different varieties of premium hardwoods, the Premium Wood Board (Collectors Edition) enhances any boardroom or den.


Having command of information means having it available and accessible for immediate recall when needed.  Each decision, each action is just that much more efficient and effective.

MemWars Executive Collectors Edition

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