Memwars - Gods & Heroes Edition

The Pantheons of Doom

In the dim recesses of space and time, the ancient pantheons shudder awake.  


A frantic search for the Key to all Mythologies echoes far and wide.  The "House of Casaubon” … so-called … a loose-knit, shadowy and anonymous collection of misfits and ne’er-do-wells conducts a global search ... raking through ruins, temples, digs.  


One passion unites them - the Key.  


With the Key, they believe, the wakening pantheons will shake the very foundations of this reality … beholden only to the mind that unlocked their chains. 


Or so they hope.


One person stands between the arrayed forces of Casaubon and the shattering of the universe.  




What began as your hobby, idly looking for a unifying theme between the Egyptian and Greek pantheons soon stretched across time and the European continent to encompass also Rome and the icy waters of Nordic myth.  


Uncovering the first linkage brought your activities under the scrutiny of “The House" … as they style themselves.  The second linkage - the second - attracted digital infiltrators.  Hackers loyal to Casaubon - rendering no technology secure … or not for long.


Unable to be secure in your papers or property, deprived of the aid of any technology, the only secure place to store information is your mind.  


Your ... memory. 


"Without your excellent game - MemWars - I would not have remembered everything I had to know to beat the Nazis to the Ark of the Covenant.  Kudos!"  

– Prof. I.J., Marshall College

"I thought I was the 'Master of Mind Palaces' until I played MemWars.  Thanks to MemWars, my nemesis, Prof. J.M., met his end at Reichenbachfälle ... rather than me!" 

– S. H., Baker St., London, England



"Thanks to your game, my memory proved superior to all who stood between me and the Triangle of Light.  I am forever in your debt.  As is the entire world!" 

– L.C., England