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Why Self-Improvement?

People spend time and resources to improve their physique ... or, more delicately, their health. Why?

People spend time and resources to improve their credentials ... or, shall we say, education. Why?

People who enjoy various hobbies get coaching or take classes/lessons. Again, why?

Why try to get better at anything?

Most of us - normal mortals - won't ever be as fit as the average professional athelete. Or as educated as the average university faculty member. Or as good at any of our hobbies as the accomplished professionals ... or even, on average, half of the other amateurs. So, why bother trying to be better than you already are ... if you can never be the best at what you like?

Self-improvement is important to many of us ... that is why there are so many gyms, adult classes and people making livings training adults in their interests and hobbies.

So, let's be about improving that which separates us from the beasts - our memories.

#SelfImprovement #TheArtofMemory