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Why You Are Special

Hugh Drone

MemWars is about enhancing native, sadly underdeveloped, human capabilities ... rather than augmenting people with machine parts.

Technology has become a crutch. If a man never sets his crutch aside then his muscles atrophy and he becomes increasingly dependent upon it. Someday, perhaps soon, it will no longer be possible to throw that crutch away … and if it is ever taken away then we will be a society/culture of the lame.

We are becoming slaves of the technology that we built to serve us.

So who will be the MemWarriors who will buck the trend and reassert their humanity? Here are several groups of people who would most enjoy the challenges ... all of these groups are people who want to improve their natural human capabilities - in particular those things that make us human.

  • Executives/managers. Men and women who see in the Linguisticator courses - or those like them - an opportunity to create a competitive advantage. People who would work on a Masters degree in the evenings ... or who have in the past ... as well as those who would take classes in public speaking.

  • Scholars (10th/11th grade - college/grad) - Younger men and women - likely "geeks" for particular subjects - who will see relevance in the competitive advantage for test taking, etc. Those who head for careers as educators can carry their interest into their careers.

  • Students (5th - 12th grade) - Studious, serious young people - possibly get bullied for being “too smart” - will gravitate to this as a tool to help them build their knowledge bases. They may be positively influenced by an important teacher.

  • Educators in 6th+ grade, professional trainers in academic areas, as well as military and institutional adult training programs. They will see this as a useful tool. They are highly likely to be SMEs.

  • Early adopters - those who will be willing to be persuaded that this will likely work for them. Those who see competitive advantage for their children facing standardized tests of various kinds … can "see" their children using MemWars

  • Late adopters - those who will need data to convince them that this will definitely work

  • Homeschooling Parents - These parent/educators are likely to have strongest motivation because they already think that knowledge/memory is important. Those who believe that their children should have educational toys because they are good for them.

  • Autodidacts - those likely to see the utility in using the tool to teach themselves something of interest. Critically important: what fact decks are available? Likely to be informal SMEs and good candidates to take the “fact deck creation” course that we will offer though Linguisticator.

In fact, I cannot imagine a single human being who would not benefit from an improved memory.

Not one.